Relisting Your Home to Reset Days On Market: Good Idea or Not?

Time on market

Taking your home off the market

One of the most common questions we get from buyers is “how long has the house been on the market?”

From a buyer’s perspective, the longer a home is for sale, the more likely they are to make a low offer, assuming that the seller is anxious to sell.

As a result, sellers often want to pull their house off of the market for a day or two, then re-list it to make it pop back up as a new listing.

Does this work?

The reality is, REALTORS® have a handy dandy history button on our Multiple Listing Service (MLS) that immediately tells us how many times a home has been listed and sold. Unless the ink is still wet on your agent’s license, I guarantee they are checking the history of a home.

We want to know about price changes. We want to know about time on and off the market. Does the seller have a record of switching agents every 3-6 months? Did the house go off the market while repairs were made or did it disappear just long enough for the agent to try to beat the system and pad their days on market stats?

Our advice

Price it right, make it shine, let your agent set the expectation for the average time it takes to sell in your neighborhood and you won’t have to worry about making it seem “new”.


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