That’s The Best You Can Expect from Your REALTOR?

New Orleans REALTORS

It’s been a frustrating morning. While searching through new listings for a client, I’ve seen some of the laziest examples of advertising and it just makes me mad. And sad. And embarrassed for the real estate industry. My senses have been assaulted with some truly awful attempts by New Orleans REALTORS that fall far, far short of being the best they can offer their home sellers.

Is this how you want your home portrayed online?

Is this how you want your home portrayed online?

Poor photos

Unmade beds, open toilet lids, photos obviously taken while the agent is sitting inside of their car, pictures with a phone instead of a camera. ACK! Every agent needs to know the basics of taking and editing their listing photos or they need to hire a professional photographer.

Misspellings in property descriptions

I find it remarkable that people who make their living describing homes and amenities cannot take the time to proofread their listings for spelling and grammatical errors. I wonder if that same laissez faire attitude carries over to their contract writing.

Limited Remarks

“Renovated 2014, excellent condition” Fabulous. But what does this really tell you when there are only 5 photos and they are all of the front of the house? C’mon agents, buyers and sellers deserve much, much better.

Missing information

Rental properties with no actual rent information, rooms with no dimensions, no information on appliances that are included in the sale….the list goes on and on.

Public remarks that repel rather than invite

I don’t know about you, but “Drive by first before you call for a showing” doesn’t exactly make me want to get into the car and make that trek. It’s a big red flag that the agent knows there is something about the property that’s a potential turn off and instead of addressing it head on, they are putting the onus on buyers instead of performing their job.

Before you hire a listing agent

Do a little research. Check out their current listings for an idea of how your property will be presented and marketed and if you are not impressed, keep interviewing other agents.



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