Keep The Lights On When Selling Your Home

keep the lights on when selling your home

Sometimes, a home owner gets so excited about selling their house that they get ahead of themselves.

Keep the Lights On When Selling Your Home

There are a few reasons to keep the utilities connected right up until the act of sale.

1. The Louisiana Purchase Agreement states that the seller will provide utilities for all inspections.

2. The purchase agreement also states that the utilities will be on for the final walk through, which takes place anywhere between 5 days before the act of sale and the actual closing date.

3. If you turn off the gas, water or electricity and the house is not sold within 6 months, you’ll have to bring everything in the house up to code in order to have the utilities restored. Believe me, I’ve seen people spend much more in repairs and upgrades to pass a city inspection than they would have paying the monthly bill.




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