Using a Lockbox When Selling Your NOLA Home

Using a lockbox when selling your NOLA home

We’ve all seen them. Those blue boxes hanging on front doors of homes for sale all around New Orleans, holding the keys and making it easy for any agent to get their potential buyers into a home. But, are they safe?

Why do some home owners choose to use a lockbox and some opt out?

It should be a matter of personal choice by the seller, but I find that many agents don’t even offer this option to their clients. That said, we believe in using lockboxes as much as possible, but leave the final choice up to our sellers after explaining the pros and cons.

Pros of using a lockbox when selling

Easy access by other agents, especially for last minute showings

Your agent has a complete record of all showings on a property because the lockbox triggers an email each time it is opened

Timed access – the boxes will only open between during a specified time frame each day. Normally, it’s 8am to 8pm, but an agent can customize those times, even allowing 24 hour access if needed.

Cons of using a lockbox when selling

There is a slight chance of an agent without an appointment using the lockbox to show the house. I say slight, because I don’t know any agent who has made this mistake more than once. Our local board of REALTORSĀ® has rules against showing without an appointment and will sanction and fine agents for doing so.

Our Advice

Make it easy for potential buyers to view your home. That includes the installation of a lockbox on your property. We’ve got plenty of them!


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