What Information Does My Agent Need When Listing My Home?

new orleans home selling checklist

New Orleans Home Selling Checklist

Ready to get your home on the market? Our New Orleans home selling checklist outlines the most important information your agent will need to get you ready.

Documents needed to sell your New Orleans home

Floor plan

Buyers adore a floor plan, so if you have one, give it to your agent to include in their marketing. We can upload the floor plan into the MLS, giving every agent access to share with their buyers.

Flood insurance policy

One of the disclosure questions has to do with flood zone, so be prepared with your policy. We’ll need a copy of your declaration page to ensure we are sharing the most accurate information.

Most recent appraisal

We’re pretty good at measuring houses, but an appraiser is an expert. Your appraisal, no matter how old, will be the source of your living square footage unless you’ve added on to the house since the last time it was appraised.


The beautiful thing about surveys is that they rarely change. Unless you’ve subdivided the property, it’s always up to date.

Flood elevation certificate

If you have a flood elevation certificate, you’ll be asked to share this as well as part of your property disclosures.

HOA or condo covenants and restrictions

This is a big one. Any buyer interested in a property with covenants and restrictions will need to review them to be sure they can use the property in the way they intend. Restrictions such as no street parking can be a turn off to some and they have a right to know everything about them.

Other information needed to sell your New Orleans home

What’s included/excluded?

Is MawMaw’s crystal chandelier making the move to your new home? We need to know that. And we’ll advise you to go ahead and replace it before putting your home on the market. What about your curtains and blinds? We’ve got a whole questionnaire dedicated to being sure there’s no confusion about what you’re selling.

Age of appliances and major mechanical systems

Unless you’ve replaced them in the last couple of years, we’d bet that you think stuff is newer than it actually is. Take the time to go through your records and provide the most accurate information.

Dates of any damage to the home and repairs made

Roof replaced after a hail storm? Floors redone after that tragic plumbing backup? New pipes after the freeze? We’ll need to know about all of these things, particularly if they resulted in an insurance claim.

Termite contract details

If you have a termite contract (and we hope you do), we’ll need to know who your termite company is, when the contract expires, and if there are any structures on the property that aren’t covered.

Home warranty information

Did you purchase a home warranty with your house and keep it up by paying the annual premiums? We’ll need to know what company is providing the warranty and when it renews.

A list of improvements made to your home

Here’s the fun part! Break out the brag book and tell us everything about the improvements you’ve made to your home. Updated electrical? Solar panels? Landscape sprinklers? This is the stuff that marketing dreams are made of, so spill it!


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