Won’t a Big Brokerage Get My New Orleans Home More Exposure?

choosing a realtor in new orleans

Choosing a REALTOR

Recently, I lost out on a listing because the seller felt that a bigger brokerage would provide more exposure for his home. It’s not uncommon, when people are choosing a REALTOR, for them to think that just because our company may not be a household name, we can’t give the same (or more) exposure to their property that a national or regional brokerage can.

Here’s what most of the big brokerages do for exposure:

  • Put the listing on their website
  • Put a sign in the yard
  • Post the listing to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
  • Hold broker’s open houses

Guess what? We do all of this for our listings too.

The big boys don’t have any marketing advantage over a boutique brokerage. In some cases those same brokers don’t do some of the little extras (like sending your listing to Trulia or Zillow or the other real estate sites that buyers across the country are using).

And here’s what most agents won’t tell you….

the MLS is still the best source of qualified buyers, because every one of the thousands of agents in the metro area uses the system to send properties to their clients.

While we pride ourselves on providing wide ranging exposure via the internet, the reality is that your home will more than likely be sold by an agent with a different brokerage (who found it in the MLS).

Don’t choose an agent because of their “big name”. Choose them because you feel comfortable entrusting them to represent your best interests and put your home in the best possible light. The rest of it is lagniappe.