4 Reasons Home Buyers Need Their Own REALTOR

home buyers need their own realtor

Why Do Home Buyers Need Their Own REALTOR?

We hear from home buyers all of the time. They call our office. They register on our website. And it’s not just us that they are contacting. They are calling the names on for sale signs all over New Orleans, without realizing that those agents already have a client – the home seller. After all, they don’t know why home buyers need their own REALTOR.

Here are our top 4 reasons home buyers should find and use their own real estate agent


It’s in the REALTOR code of ethics that we have a fiduciary duty to our client.  We owe them care, diligence, disclosure, loyalty, and confidentiality. How will a listing agent, that already works for the seller, give you that same care? When you choose to use the listing agent, you have effectively hired a go-between, not an advocate.


When you use your own agent, you put the power of a professional to work for you. You’re getting someone who negotiates for a living to represent your interests (and yours alone).


As buyer’s agents, we aren’t emotionally invested in the sale of certain property. Instead, our focus is on ensuring that you get the house you want, at the best possible price, on the best terms. It’s not to get our own listing sold.

Market information

Agents have an amazing amount of data at our fingertips. Beyond what you’ll find on Zillow or Trulia or Realtor.com. We know if your neighbor paid closing costs for the buyer. We know if they provided a home warranty. Some seller incentives aren’t public record, so national websites don’t always provide the full picture when you’re checking on comparable sales in a neighborhood.

How do you find a buyer’s agent?

You probably know several agents already. Interview them. Ask them if they will represent you 100% and not act as a dual agent. Find out if they offer buyer consultations to get down to the nitty gritty of your home search. Choose someone that you connect with, trust, and have faith that he or she will put your interests first.

Do you have questions about how a buyer’s agent works for you? Call us today at 504-327-5303 and we’ll be happy to explain more.