Pros and Cons of Living on a Corner

living on a corner


Living on a Corner :: Pros and Cons

People who are actually living in a house on a corner are quick to point out “we’ve got this great corner lot”. And they are right. Corner lots are great, if that’s what you’re looking for.

But, like anything else, there are drawbacks to go along with the benefits.

Pros of living on a corner

  • Corner lots are usually slightly larger than the other lots in a development
  • Side yards allow for expanded landscaping and gardening opportunities
  • Off street parking can be tucked away behind the house, if desired
  • No neighbors on one side of the house

Cons of living on a corner

  • Depending on how the house is set on the lot, backyard space could be limited
  • Less privacy, since more of the house has sidewalk/street exposure
  • More traffic
  • More landscaping = more lawn and yard maintenance
  • More sidewalk upkeep

Other things to consider before buying that house on the corner…

Is there a school bus stop on the corner? If so, you may be dealing with kids leaving trash or walking across the lawn.

Are you into feng shui? Then move it along. Homes on corner lots are a no-no since energy gets stuck coming around corners.


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