Post Winter Storm Cleanup | Selling Your NOLA Home

Curb Appeal When Selling

Did winter storm Leon (really, they name them now) do a number on your landscaping? I know it did on mine. If your gardens look like this, there are a few things you can do to quickly improve your curb appeal when selling your New Orleans home.

Curb appeal when selling - frozen plants in New Orleans

Here are a few tips from one of our NOLA landscaper friends

1. Clear out or cut back all of the dead flowers, plants, branches and bushes

2. Ditch the dead hanging baskets

3. Re-mulch the garden beds to make them look fresh and clean

If you want to add some color to your landscape, choose flowers that can handle the chill if we get another cold front move through. Pansies, violas, camellias and petunias are all good choices for this time of year.

And if you think that winter can’t be over soon enough, take heart. While the rest of my landscape looks atrocious, the peach tree is telling me that in less than 60 days spring will have sprung.

We’ll be back to complaining about the heat in no time, I’m sure. Until then, enjoy the season.

Peach tree blossoms in NOLA