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Home Improvement

When people call us to sell their home, it typically sets off a flurry of home improvement activity. Deferred maintenance gets done, paint is touched up, closets are decluttered, fresh landscaping brings curb appeal. Many times, once the work is done, we hear that the house has never looked better. On the day the photographer shows up, owners will often remark that they wish they had done all of those things sooner so they could really enjoy them.

As we recently made a pre-listing checklist for someone, it made me think. I have a whole list of things to declutter, clean, or fix in my house. The honey-do list grows and grows, as happens with homes, particularly in a city like New Orleans that is bursting with historic properties.

What am I waiting for?

Of course, some expensive fixes may be on hold while saving some money or researching the best replacements. But all of those little things I know I would need to do if I decided to sell my house? I’ve decided to tackle one thing a week.

Whether it’s replacing that ratty bathroom rug, changing an outdated paint color, or just rearranging the furniture to give a fresh look to a room. There’s not a single reason I shouldn’t do those things and get more pleasure out of coming home every day.

What simple things are you putting off doing in your home?

Do it now and delight in your space every day. Don’t make the best days of your house the very last ones that you spend there.

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  1. Katrina Miesch says:

    everyone needs to follow this advice!

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