I Wasn’t Ready

ready to sell

As agents, we see a lot of houses. Day in and day out. Showing buyers. Meeting sellers. Going on tour to see all of the new listings. Most of the time, we wander in and wander out, mentally noting which clients a house might be good for, but generally forgetting the places we’ve discarded for our customers.

Then, every once in awhile, we see a place that sticks with us. There’s something about it that calls to our hearts. Kind of like what a buyer should experience when they find the right one.

I’m not in the market for a new house. We’ve lived in ours for about 15 years now, making changes along the way. Some big, some small. Some successful, some that make us look back and wonder “what were we thinking”. It’s ours, and we’ve been happy there since day 1. I’m not in the market for a new house, remember?

Then, I saw a place last week that stopped me in my tracks.

It was exactly what I’ve dreamed of downsizing to now that the kids are all grown. We don’t need so much space, but there’s been no big rush to change our lifestyle. To change our neighborhood. To learn where the nearest grocery store is located. To find a new little dive bar for after work cocktails. We’re comfortable right where we are.

And? I wasn’t ready.

I should really say that my house wasn’t ready. It needs an exterior paint job. The guest bath could use an update. The laundry room is likely a portal to hell, because things go in there and never resurface again. It’s definitely not ready for prime time or to go on the market and face the scrutiny of today’s home buyers. Heck, it doesn’t even pass my scrutiny most days (lol).

The solution?

If you’re considering downsizing. Or upsizing. Or a new neighborhood. Or any number of other reasons that you “might” move. Take the time now to go through your house and make that list of things to do to get it ready. Start working on them, one by one. There’s no rush. Until you’re not ready.


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