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Newcomers to the city typically only know about the Treme neighborhood because of the HBO series. Long time residents know it’s much more than background for television. The civil rights movement in New Orleans started right here.

Widely considered to be the America’s oldest existing African-American neighborhood, Treme is home to Armstrong Park, Congo Square, St. Louis Cemeteries #1 and #2, the Mahalia Jackson Theatre for the Performing Arts, and the New Orleans African-American Museum. St. Augustine church, established in 1841, is the oldest African-American church in the nation.

It’s Vibrant. Energetic. Evolving.

The dreaded gentrification word has been tossed around all over the city, and Treme is clinging by fingernails to it’s roots. While second lines and brass bands are an integral part of those roots, at it’s heart this is still a working class neighborhood with a rich history. It’s no surprise as property values have increased across the city investors and residents alike have turned to what has historically been a very affordable part of the city and begun to renovate and build at higher price ranges.

Take a walk with us through this historic New Orleans neighborhood. Listen to the sounds, see the sights and learn more about how this community was established and has grown and changed over the years.

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