National Recognition for Crescent City Living

crescent city living named a groundbreaking brokerage

Crescent City Living Named an Industry Leader

We’re gonna toot our horn here for a minute.

We’re just a little boutique real estate brokerage in New Orleans. We aren’t in one of the major real estate markets like D.C., New York, or Los Angeles. Instead, we call Magazine Street home. We wander our unique and different neighborhoods. We eat, we celebrate, we dance, we live, we love, we laugh. All of it right here in the Crescent City.

So, to come to the attention of a national real estate company like Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate was a big surprise to us. An amazing, fabulous, make you get all giddy surprise, but a surprise nonetheless. They’ve called us out before, but given the explosion of independent brokerages over the last few years, we didn’t think we would still be on their radar. It’s pretty darned cool that we are.

After all, we just do what we do. Help people move in, move out, move up, and move down. Help them rent and buy and sell. We help them find the perfect neighborhood. All while introducing the newbies to the glory that is New Orleans.

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