Inspections Are Not Your Chance to Beat Up Home Sellers

New Orleans Home Inspections

Recently, we received an offer on a property that needs some work.  It had some deferred maintenance, stained carpet, missing cabinet knobs….all things that were readily apparent to the buyer before they made an offer to purchase.

So why did they proceed to ask for all of these items to be repaired or replaced during the inspection period? Probably because they either didn’t read the purchase agreement or their agent didn’t have a frank discussion with them about condition, pricing and how to structure their offer.

Here’s what the Louisiana purchase agreement says about inspections:

New Orleans home inspections | purchase agreement

Accurate as of 8/12/2014

The inspection and due diligence period is designed to allow you, as the potential buyer, to find out if there are any hidden issues with the house that would cause you to either walk away from the deal or negotiate a lower price to offset any needed repairs.

It’s not a chance to beat up the home seller over items that you already knew about.

We’ve seen several buyers lately that want not just a “deal” on price, but also request closing cost assistance and a slew of repairs. Depending on where the house is located and if you find yourself in a multiple offer situation, these hardball negotiating tactics could cause you to lose out on the home you really want.

Is that worth some cabinet knobs and carpet that you planned to replace anyway?


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