Tell Them To Go Buy New Construction

New Orleans Home inspections

New Orleans Home Inspections

“Tell them to go buy new construction” That’s what I heard from a seller after getting a laundry list of small repairs that a buyer wanted him to perform after their New Orleans home inspections.

He was fed up and, truthfully, I didn’t blame him.

Too many buyers use the inspection period to beat up the seller over items that were obvious before they made an offer. The purchase agreement even notes that the offer is made based on the condition of the property.

2017 LA Real Estate Purchase agreement inspection period

LA Purchase agreement as of 1/1/2017

Some things to remember before you send pages and pages of repair requests to a homeowner

  • no house is perfect, not even new construction
  • asking for every little thing the inspector finds, especially those obvious when you wrote the offer, can be the death knell of negotiations
  • part of buying a home is making it your own – don’t be afraid of changing paint and flooring!

If you really love the home you’ve made an offer on, don’t let minor things send the seller over the edge and cause you to lose out.


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