Finding Paint Color Inspiration

paint color inspiration

Paint Color Inspiration

I walk past this house almost every day, since it’s around the corner from our office. The owners do a fantastic job of landscaping and decorating, and it’s one of my favorites in the neighborhood.

While many of the surrounding homes are all painted in shades of white, tan, and cream, this place boasts an amazing blue porch and an array of eye-catching flags that make it stand out in all the best possible ways.

What inspired it?

One day, when I was wandering by, the owner was out in the yard, puttering in the flower beds. I couldn’t help but tell him that his color scheme made me smile every single day.

That’s when he launched into a story, as New Orleanians are in the habit of doing, whether we know you or not (isn’t that an amazing reflection on our city?).

It turns out that he and his wife adore Key West. It’s their favorite get-away spot and they’ve visited many times over the years. When it came time to paint the house, they wanted to keep that vacation vibe all year long, and they chose their color palette to reflect their cherished time in the Keys.

That story has stuck with me for months now.

I’ve pondered on how personal our homes are, and what they represent to each of us. They are truly a reflection of our own identity and I love that we live in a city that allows us to express that so freely.

What was your paint color inspiration?


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