NOLA Home Selling FAQs | Do I Need to Tell My Mortgage Company When I Accept an Offer?

Selling your NOLA home

New Orleans Home Selling

You’ve successfully accepted an offer on your house and have questions about what happens next in your New Orleans home selling process. We are here to answer them.

Do I need to tell my mortgage company when I accept an offer on my house?

No, you don’t. Your first concern is that it might be premature. You still have to go through inspections, appraisal and loan approval for the buyer. If anything goes sideways, you may be back on the market for another buyer and will have started the pay-off ball rolling for no reason.

Provided everything goes smoothly during inspections and appraisal, the title company handling your closing will take care of the following:

  • Getting an accurate payoff of your mortgage(s)
  • Over-nighting the payoff after the closing
  • Canceling the mortgage at the courthouse
  • Recording the transfer of the property with the clerk of court

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