New Orleans Landlords and Military Tenant Rights

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New Orleans Landlords

Here’s some advice for New Orleans landlords in the event that your tenants are military. Know what your rights and the tenant’s rights are before signing that lease.

This information is based on LA Statute §3261. Rights of military personnel to terminate lease

A. Any active or reserve member of the armed forces of the United States, including the National Guard and the United States Coast Guard, may terminate his residential lease agreement, pursuant to Subsection B of this Section, if any of the following occur:

(1) The member has received initial or permanent change of station orders to depart thirty-five miles or more from the location of the dwelling unit.

(2) The member has received initial or temporary duty orders in excess of three months duration to depart thirty-five miles or more from the location of the dwelling unit.

(3) The member is discharged, released, or retires.

(4) The member is ordered to reside in government-supplied quarters.

(5) The member is notified of the availability of government- supplied quarters which were not available to the member at the time the lease was executed, provided that the member notifies the lessor in writing that the member has a pending request or application for government supplied quarters at the time the lease is entered into.

B. Lessees who qualify to terminate a rental agreement pursuant to Subsection A shall do so by serving on the lessor a written notice of termination to be effective on a date stated therein, said date to be not less than thirty days after the date the notice is served on the lessor. The termination shall be no more than sixty days prior to the date of departure necessary to comply with the official orders or any supplemental instructions for interim training or duty prior to the transfer. Prior to the termination date, the lessee shall furnish the lessor with a copy of the official notification of orders, or a signed letter confirming the orders from the lessee’s commanding officer, or a statement signed by the housing officer certifying that no government-supplied quarters were available at the time the lease was executed.

C. In consideration of early termination of the lease, the lessee shall not be liable for more than one month’s rent if, as of the effective date of the termination, the lessee has completed less than six months of the lease agreement or one-half of the rent for one month if the lessee has completed at least six months of the lease agreement. The lessee shall be entitled to the full return of any security deposit, if such member has otherwise complied with the requirements of the lease.

D. The provisions of this Section may not be waived or modified by the agreement of the parties under any circumstances.

Acts 1999, No. 714, §1; Acts 2001, No. 790, §1.

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