Crescent City Living is Hiring REALTORS in New Orleans

Crescent City Living is now hiring

We can’t believe our doors opened back in 2012. Over those years, we’ve slowly built Crescent City Living into our own brand of a real estate brokerage. We’ve grown into our own unique culture. Our own way of doing things. And we’ve surrounded ourselves with unique personalities that reflect the makeup of New Orleans herself.

Now, we’re on the hunt for some new agents to join our crew. With a self imposed limit of 25 of the best, there are only a few openings to be filled. But we don’t take just anyone. You have to love the city. You have to play well with others. And you certainly can’t be the stereotypical real estate “salesperson”.

What’s our perfect agent wish list look like?

  • A Louisiana real estate license (’cause the state is funny about those things)
  • A sense of humor – dark, quirky, dry – we take them all
  • The ability to think outside of all of the boxes, not just the one you might currently reside in
  • Creativity in problem solving
  • Commitment to clients above all else – it’s our job, ya know. It’s also why we don’t practice dual agency, so if you think the holy grail of real estate is to represent both sides of a deal, this is not the brokerage for you.

A Crescent City Living video montage

We just like the words “video montage” and have been dying for a chance to use them. Here’s a look at our people…


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