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Creole tomatoes in NOLA

Creole Tomatoes

Nothing says summer to me more than the arrival of the Creole Tomatoes.

When I was growing up, my grandmother had a huge vegetable garden in her backyard. She grew peas and greens and snap beans and anything else that struck her fancy that season. But the one consistent each year was row upon row of tomatoes.

Juicy, red and served with just about every meal during the summer, I don’t remember eating a store bought tomato until after she passed away.

So, when the Creoles come into season, I’m transported back to Mamaw’s house, with a plate of sliced tomatoes on the table at dinner every night….or tomato sandwiches for lunch, slathered with Blue Plate mayo, salt and pepper on fresh Bunny bread.

Ahhhhh, summer.

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