#TBT :: 1984 World’s Fair

1984 World's Fair New Orleans

Photo credit: John Heindel Sr.

1984 World’s Fair New Orleans

The 1984 World’s Fair (technically, the Louisiana World Exposition) had several distinctions. In addition to being the last World’s Fair held in the United States, it was the only expo to declare bankruptcy. Plagued by low attendance, locals remember it as THE place to be during its run.

What fun we had

Riding the gondola from the West Bank to the expo grounds.

Seeing the space shuttle Enterprise.

Visiting the beer garden.

Taking the monorail that ran right through what is today the Federal Fibre Mills condo building.

And who could forget Seymore D. Fair?

: : :

The fair was the driving factor behind the revitalization of the Warehouse District in New Orleans. Before the expo, the neighborhood was considered a seedy part of town, despite its stellar location near the riverfront.

The main Louisiana Pavilion was later turned into the Ernest N Morial Convention Center, an anchor of our local economy today.

Do you have any great photos from the fair? Feel free to drop them in the comments – we love reliving some of our old New Orleans history!