It’s Buck Moth Caterpillar Season in New Orleans

Buck Moth Caterpillar Season

Buck Moth Caterpillar Season

Our live oak trees are amazing. They provide shade. They are home to some spectacular ferns and mosses. They remind us that nature endures.

They are also home to the buck moth caterpillar every spring in New Orleans.

If you’re new to the city, you may not be aware that our April showers might just go beyond cats and dogs and move into the stinging insect category.

While they may be really cool in an up close insecty kind of fashion, they are not your friend. Their stings are actually quite painful, so when they start showing up in force, be aware that your picnic at the park might not be quite the idyllic afternoon you were hoping for.

Local gardening expert Dan Gill recommends spraying trees on your property.

Parkway Partners is once again offering its spraying service, treating buck moth caterpillars and formosan termites, as well as tree fertilization. Caterpillar spraying costs $80, while termite treatment is $130. Tree fertilization is $65. (The money benefits the nonprofit Parkway Partners, which does great work all over the city.) Parkway Partners’ website has all the information, or you can call 504.620.2224, ext 100, to sign up.

How to treat a buck moth caterpillar sting


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