New to New Orleans? Update Your Will

change your will when you move

Louisiana Estate Planning

Yay for you for planning your estate! But, if you’re new to New Orleans, you may need to make some updates to your will.

Some of our laws may make some of your existing provisions invalid. That’s the last thing you want to happen to your heirs, so take the time to have a Louisiana attorney review your will for validity.

Things to review

  • Property laws vary from state to state and in Louisiana the concepts of usufruct and naked ownership are different from any other state. Be sure that you understand how property is held and deeded and that the terms of your will are valid.
  • If you are moving from a common law state, our community property laws may necessitate a change to your estate planning to ensure that your heirs are able to claim the property you want them to have.

Don’t have a will yet?

Get one. The state of Louisiana steps in with rules for distributing your estate if you don’t have a valid will. Your wishes don’t mean anything to the state, so get them on paper.


**Here’s the disclaimer that we are not attorneys, nor do we play one on TV. Please consult your legal representative for further information on your rights in Louisiana.