Our Story

Everyone in New Orleans has a story and this one is ours…

After working together at a couple of regional and national real estate brokerages, Lisa Heindel and Terri Babineaux decided to partner up for the creation of Crescent City Living, LLC.

What would make us decide to venture out on our own after one of the worst real estate busts the country has seen? Passion. Independence. A desire to provide home buyers and sellers with not just excellent customer service but also with information they aren’t getting from any of the big names or offices.  So, here we are. Two New Orleans natives who have joined the ranks of local small business owners with the hope of helping you find the beauty in this place that we adore and are so proud to call home. Whether it’s the funky or the sophisticated, there’s something in NOLA that appeals to every soul.

We have been privileged to help many people over the years and we’d like to welcome you to New Orleans. We invite you to find your own place in the Crescent City.