Your REALTOR® Is Your Bodyguard

your realtor is your bodyguard

When it comes time to sell your New Orleans home, there are a lot of considerations. Condition, pricing, timing the market, and choosing the right REALTOR are just the first things you need to prepare for.

Having your home on the market can be stressful. As your agent, it’s our job to make the process as easy as possible – playing the role of bodyguard, if you will, against all of the wrinkles that can pop up.

How do we protect you?

We help you focus on what really matters when pricing your home. You might be wondering how this protects you. Education is power. Educating you on the market and how to position yourself for success is one of the best ways we can protect you from yourself (pricing too high) and from others (low ball offers).

We help you gather all of the information needed to properly make disclosures. How does this protect you? Disclose, disclose, disclose is our mantra. It should be yours, too, if you don’t want to find out down the road that a buyer has cancelled a deal because of something you (we) didn’t tell them about the property.

If you’re one of those lucky sellers that receive multiple offers, we walk you through the process of choosing the right one. Hint: it’s not always the highest price that’s the winner.

We make it easy for buyers to see your home while still protecting your belongings. Believe us, ease of showing is one of our protections that will ensure you get full market exposure.

Speaking of showings, our list of 6 quick things to do for last minute appointments has kept many sellers from being caught unprepared.

Because inspections are the point where so many sales fall apart, we tell you how to pass your home inspection.

Safety first

One of the most important parts of showing your home is safety. That’s why we’ll talk to you about not letting strangers into your home. While that may seem like common sense, you know what they say about common sense…

And, finally, we protect you from the dangers of early occupancy. No, it’s not cool to just let the buyers put their stuff in the garage ahead of time. 

Does this sound like the kind of help you need when selling your New Orleans home? Then call us at 504-327-5303. Experienced agents are waiting to help you today. 


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