Algiers Real Estate Market Update

Algiers Real Estate

Over on the West Bank, things are continuing to heat up in the Algiers real estate market. Average sold prices continue to rise, the number of property sales is up, and the time it takes to sell an Algiers home has dropped for the last 2 years.

algiers real estate - new orleans la

An affordable option to the East Bank, Algiers homes are 43% less expensive than the overall 2017 average sales price in New Orleans.

Now, that doesn’t mean that there don’t exist pockets of more expensive homes. Algiers Point, English Turn, Park Timbers, and Arbors Estates all clock in at higher price points. But the average Algiers home is still affordable, still offers off street parking, and generally has a 50×100 or larger lot.

While some people forget about this little gem because you have to cross the river to get there, these steadily increasing values and sales are a good indicator that it’s a up and coming market.